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    Netflix not working

      Is anyone else having issues with the netflix app? It was working fine for me yesterday and even this morning but now everytime i open it I have to force close.
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          I am having the same problem. Used it last evening, tried to go back to it, and its frozen.  

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            Yeah mine keeps doing the same thing!

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              One of the things (more than one thing) you should get in the habit of doing is somewhat regularly power off and on the device completely.  Hold down the power button to turn it off and not just put it to sleep.


              On occasion you need to clear the memory since Android is not great at shutting down all background processes or programs.


              It's also a good idea to clear the browser's cache, cookies, and all histories.


              Especially consider doing this if things start acting slow or "funny".

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                It worked fine after powering off my device and turning it back on.
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                  My Netflix was working fine for about a month.  Suddenly, the picture and the sound are no longer in sync.  The audio is much faster than the picture.  Netflix works fine in the house and on the kids ipods, but no longer on my nook.  I have tried different shows (the problem is on all of them)  and have tried logging out and back in.  Has anyone else had this problem and been able to solve it?

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                    How do you clear the memory?


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                      How do I clear the memory?

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                        To "clear memory" simply hold down the power button until the message appears then select "power off" this will shutdown all Apps and is like a reset as the Nook powers up all the settings are refreshed.  You do not loose anything that you have previously adjusted so this is a real low risk way of keeping an Android device working correctly.  I agree with a previous poster that powering down any Android device should be at least a weekly routine.

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                          How do you clear the memory, histories, ect?
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                            netflix app works fine for me although for the desktop drop down won't allow me to login Wtf
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                              What's the desktop dropdown?


                              Do you mean on Settings Page? That doesn't work for anyone. Just ignore it.

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                                Have a Nook Tablet, and when i tried to login to Netflix w/my netflix password etc. The response is, " your plan does not support streaming." 


                                I checkedwith Netflix, and I DO have streaming. Tried to activate the Nook Tablet, and an activation code is asked for. where do i find that Activation code? thanks

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                                  I just spoke to both Netflix and to Nook Support. The story I got was that Netflix updated their firmware and the Nook was not compatible with the update. For people with Nook Color the fix is fairly easy (because Netflix was not factory-installed software). I believe the process is as follows:


                                  Press the Netflix app until the options come up and uninstall it. You can reinstall it from your app selection, or however you installed it the first time.


                                  For those of us with a lovely Nook tablet...we're just out of luck until Netflix and Barnes & Noble figure out a way to update the preinstalled version of Netflix. (Doesn't it seem reasonable that they would have thought about this BEFORE they sold millions of them???) The Nook Support girl (very sweet but not terribly helpful) said that they did not announce this because they don't have a time frame yet as to when the problem will be worked out (maybe never?). I am really, really not happy.


                                  Side note: Not sure exactly what's up with B & N, but they just announced that they will be closing 20 stores a year for the next decade. They blamed it on loss of revenue due to online competition. I concede that maybe customer (no) service may have a bigger role in that than they credit.

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                                    The activation code would be at the very bottom any Netflix page. Scroll all the way down using your computer or other device. It's a little box that says "Service Code" inside. If you click on it, it will give you a 6 digit code that you can give to Netflix support.


                                    If you have a Nook Tablet you won't be able to get a service code for the Nook because Netflix is not working...period. This is due to an update performed by Netflix which is not compatible with the Nook. They have no idea when they will be able to correct this issue for Nook Tablet since our app was factory installed.


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