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    Bookmark Issues


      On my NT if I have more than a “page” of bookmarks, swiping to subsequent pages is very difficult and usually takes several efforts with some pressure applied to the screen. Once there, even though I tap on the most recent book mark listed, the book will open instead to the last bookmark listed on the previous page of bookmarks. My NT has not yet done the 1.4.1 upgrade so perhaps this bookmark issue has been addressed in that fix.

      Otherwise any suggestions will be appreciated.

        • Re: Bookmark Issues
          Threw about 20-25 boommarks into a book for you. Didnt get your results because initially would only go to the end if the book. After that, worked ok but slow. Forced clise once I think. Ended up deleting them all because it was irritating me enough. Entire library seems slow right now. Am running 1.4.1. Wouldnt use too many bookmarks if I were you.