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    Upgraded from 1st Gen Nook to NT - SD card organization?

      Hi! I upgraded to the NT from an original nook and am having a hard time with book organization on the SD card. On the original nook, it would list them by title and then say "page 100 of 300" (for example). This was helpful if I read a book as it would say "page 300 of 300" so I'd know I'd read it.


      I'm not seeing this on the NT. I'm seeing folders and then icons and the titles are cut off if they are long. If I switch to list view, I can see the title, but I'm still not able to see any sort of inclination of whether it's been read or not. I'm also noticing that if I don't bookmark the page I'm on, I lose my page if I open another book.


      So I guess I'm asking two things:

      1) How can I know what I've read already when using the SD card?

      2) Is it normal behavior for the nt to lose your place when reading from the SD card?


      Thanks so much!