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    No Longer Free Posts


      I really wish people would stop posting such and such a book is no longer free.   I know people are trying to be helpful, but it's annoying to go check the thread because there's new posts only to find out it's a post telling me something I already checked out is no longer free.  Honestly, I can figure out it's no longer free when I click on the book and there's a price listed instead of the word "free".

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          I agree with you, but there has been resistance from some people whenever this has been requested. I think it's a losing battle getting people to cooperate .
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              I know there has been resistance, I just done understand it.  I don't see the point of the post and its just annoying and a waste of time to think there might be a free book only to find out it's another it's no longer free post.

                • Making No Longer Free Posts = Trolling

                  INTRODUCTION AND THANKS: Thank you, bklvr896, for starting this thread, and previous posters for your contributions.


                  TO "NO LONGER FREE" ("NLF" POSTERS): Would you please read this thread and heed it?

                  I respectfully suggest, if you feel compelled to post something when a NOOKbook in the "Free NOOKbook summary thread - please no OT" is no longer free: why not post a tag that reads: "No Longer Free" or "NLF"? But would you please refrain from making an entire NLF post?



                  CAUTION TO EVERYONE: I vent below. And it ain't all pretty.


                  I love reading, but not OT, troll posts, or electronic SPAM - all of which (in my book) "No Longer Free" posts equate to.


                  This "Making No Longer Free Posts" thread was created specifically to address NLF posts being made on the informatively titled thread: "Free NOOKbook summary thread - please no OT". Anyone capable of reading that thread or this one - heck, of making "No Longer Free" posts, even - is fully capable of understanding that all members of the above-linked forum:


                  1. Expect posts to address FREE NOOKbooks (not those that are no longer free),
                  2. Understand that many books posted are free temporarily, and readers should therefore check the current price before buying (hence, "No Longer Free" posts are unnecessary and, like weeds ina flower garden, would become numerous if allowed to proliferate), and
                  3. OT (definition: Off-Topic) posts are unwelcome (and so, given points #1 and #2 above, the OT shoe fits NLF posts).

                  Doubtless, some "No Longer Free" posters are well-meaning but unaware they're offending. To them, I say, "I appreciate your good intentions. Now please, cease and desist. As Dr. Krakauer told Carmela Soprano in 'Second Opinion': Now you can never say you haven't been told. Now, God bless, and a'salut."


                  Then there are the willful offenders, who consciously resist entreaties to refrain from making "No Longer Free" posts, insistent upon fulfilling their own (unfathomable but ultimately self-serving) motives for littering the forum and wasting everyone's time (theirs and everyone else's) with extraneous data they've already been advised is neither value-added nor appreciated, and therefore is in fact, OT. These posters, according to "Wikipedia: Troll (Internet)" - particularly, in the section titled "Usage" - are tantamount to Internet trolls. And their OT, "No longer free" forum posts are tantamount to what "Wikipedia: Spam (electronic)" describes as a non-commercial form of Forum Spam.


                  The terms "troll" and "spam" have taken on pejorative shadings, for good reason, and I'm sure no NLF posters appreciate being seen as trolls or spammers.  But I tell ya, your posts are rubbing some of us that way.


                  If you find this post insulting (and insulting you is not my aim, communicating with you is), please try to consider the perspectives expressed by the posters above me in this thread and in similar posts within the "Free NOOKbook summary thread - please no OT" forum. And pretty please, with your favorite flavoring on top, also consider the proposal I posed at the top of this post (rant) (screed).


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