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    Wifi Gone, Settings page (mostly) unavailable

      I've had my nook for a bout a month - and tho the learning curve was steep, even for a geek like me, I've learned to love it.  Last night, though, the wifi simply stopped working.  When I try to go to the settings page, the page is frozen and I get a message about "Activity Settings" being unavailable.  So, I can read or play games with anything local, but I can't pick up the book a friend lent me and I can't buy the book I was planning to get before going out of town.  I've seen postings here about trouble connecting - but I've BEEN CONNECTED!  The rest of our devices are online so it's not a problem with my router - it's clearly a problem in the Nook.  Ideas? 

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          Have you tried rebooting? If not, power it off and let it sit for a minute then power it back on..
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              Well - after it's been 3 days since my Nook Tablet came back to life after draining the battery and re-charging - but it's not exactly alive.  It connects to wifi but that's all.  I don't have my library book, any of my books downloaded from B&N either of the 2 books lent me by friends.  100% of the files that were stored in "My Files", including the entire file structure that was there with the new Nook are simply GONE.  I thought that maybe when I got home and plugged into my computer, I could start over - but the Nook doesn't connect to the PC anymore.  It's going back to B&N tomorrow and I hope they don't give me a hard time about exchanging it.  I've been a Nook owner for 1 month - and this will be my 4th lunch-hour visit to the store.  :smileysad:  Interesting that no one from B&N ever replies to these posts....