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    white screen over web pages

      Well, after not being able to register my Nook Tablet Christmas morning and several days afterward, I finally returned it to Books A Million, where a kind assistant manager let me exchange it for a new one (although they weren't going to let me at first because they don't do exchanges, but rather give me a gift card worth the cost of the tablet). Got it registered fine at BAM, got it home, surfing the web having fun. But then suddenly, I get a white screen that obliterates the web pages of every site I try to visit. It goes to the site just fine, but the screen below the address is completely white.

      Should I "re-set" it -- would that fix it? I'm actually afraid to re-set, because I fear that I'll have trouble registering it again. Or would I have to re-register it if I re-set it?

      I must say, the bloom is off the rose regarding the Nook Tablet.