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    Where is NT Hiding my Books?

      Sorry for all these posts, but I'm a long time Original Nook owner, and we didn't have all these issues in the "old days"...  :smileywink:


      I was able to start up ADE and copy some Guttenberg Project books to my Nook Tablet.  However, NT has cleverly hidden them where they cannot be found.  I discovered that if I search for the title on the NT I can find the book and open it, but I can't put it on a shelf or even see it in the My Stuff in the Library.  Surely, there is a better way than having to maintain a list of non-BN books so I know what to search for.


      Any one know how to do this?

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          If you load everything into Calibre you can add something called a"metadata plugboard" similar to this:


          {series} {series_index:0>2s| - | - } {title}



          Then when you use calibre to send the files to the Nook... it will put anything you put into the "series" name as the first part of the "title" which is transferred to the nook. it doesn't actually rename the file... but it does update the title in the nook itself so that the Nook "sees" the entire name.


          For example: you could use "MyClassics" as a series name.  It would then add (prepend) it to the name so you would have a full title of:


          "My Classics - 1 - War of the Worlds"


          This works better if you actually do have a "series" because you can put the correct number also.


          BONUS: You can have Calibre "look up" the metadata and also find a nice cover page.


          RAMBLING NOTE: I just wish that the Nook displayed the "extended" metadata. When you use Calibre to "find" the metadata it often downloads plot summaries and such. It would be nice if the Nook would show this data; even if only when you did a "View Details".


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            When you sideload books, you need to put them in the "my files-subfolder books" folder. To access them, go to the "my stuff" tab in library, then go to my files, then books. My stuff is also where you create your shelves. When adding books to your shelves, you will find both B&N books and sideloaded books in the drop down list of the edit button. If you are using ADE to sideload books, the books go into the digital editions folder.They should also show up in the drop down list under the edit button.