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    Flash player update question


      I bought a NT for my wife for her birthday, and at first she could watch TV programs off of websites.  A few days ago it gave her an error message saying that the episode she wanted to watch wasn't supported and that she needed to update Flash player, but when she tried it simply stated that Flash wasn't supported.  Today she told me that it gave her an option to update flash player, but the OS's listed were Windows, Linux and other.  Since the NT runs off of Android technology, I was thinking "other", but when she chooses that all other steps are grayed out and she is unable to continue with the download.


      I thought I read awhile back that Adobe wasn't going to support Flash anymore, but I'm not sure where I saw that.  I'm also wondering if this is a result of the recent "upgrade" that B&N pushed through, as she seemed able to watch stuff off of Fox.com fine before that. 


      Anyway, does anyone know how to get Flash player to update on the NT, or are we just SOL?

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          I'm having the same issue. the support link for Nook Tablet still says flash player is availiable and the example they give is that you can watch youtube. Not sure if TV network sites just restict you from watching on these devices being they are in bed with Hulu. I have these same issues with my google TV.