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    Open Up X-Loader

      Hello, I require an open-ended X-Loader for use with the Blaze-board based Nook Tablet. I have planned several tweaks and modifications I'd like to make wich will increase the speed and performance of the tablet while also enhancing battery life. I need the ability to work with U-Boot and also the Kernel.  Is there a way I can get a open-ended copy of the X-Loader signed for the Nook Tablet?

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          Yes a open X-Loader would be really nice.

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            Agreed -- the lack of an open boot-loader is the one thing preventing me from buying a Nook Tablet, and also from recommending it to my friends.


            I'm a regular buyer and reader of e-books.  I own a Kindle DX, and regularly purchase e-books from Amazon.  As a Linux user, an open e-book reader would provide lot of practical benefits and would be cool enough and useful enough to get me in to the B&N ecosystem.


            At the moment, when someone asks me "Nook Tablet or Kindle Fire", I tell them that the devices are terminals to their respective book stores, as far as I'm concerned, and that they should just look at the e-book-store and decide from that.  But, with a flexible software stack, then the Nook Tablet becomes the device of choice for both my purposes and to recommend -- it turns in to a device that's pretty good for most people in its default configuration, but capeable of more if they need it.