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    Nook Tablet Battery Draining to red when not using

      My nook tablet has been draining to red in just 8 hours or so when it's not even being used. I am running a live wallpaper, have an SD card installed, and wifi is on. I do not have email setup and brightness is down very very low....maybe 20%. I have noticed that the screen seems to be coming on frequently because the cover pushes the n button when the cover is closed. I did not have this problem with my nook color so I am confused. Please help?
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          Try disabling your live wallpaper.


          Many live wallpapers are battery hogs -- especially if your screen is coming on as you describe.

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            I have the same basic problem... I'm wondering if this is normal or if I have a problem. (I had the original nook which lasted for days on a single charge... so this is frustrating.)


            I have even followed these steps:

            1. Restored the default image.

            2. Turned wi-fi off. (No other config change.)

            3. Rebooted. (Cold boot.)

            4. Done nothing other than read books.


            Even doing the above my battery will be at about 15% at around noon the next day.  Even if it was at 100% at 10pm the night before. I read for 90 minutes last night and perhaps an hour or two this morning. Nothing else was run. Getting 3 to 4 hours of battery while doing only reading is very frustrating. It is worse if I actually do anything else.



            I wonder if a certain amount of these units have a battery problem and I just happened to get a bad one.


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              I got rid of the live wallpaper and keep the wifi off most of the time unless I need it and it has helped dramatically.  I did test the wifi theory and my battery dropped 8% in 30 minutes of reading with the brightness turned all the way down wit the wifi on and only dropped 4% in 30 minutes with it off.  Haven't tested the live wallpaper ion the same way. 

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                I received a Nook tablet for Christmas. About a week ago - maybe a bit less - I fully charged my Nook. I disabled wi-fi, turned the screen brightness way down, set the sleep timer to 15 min., and read a book I had downloaded for about 1-1 1/2 hours, then turned the Nook completely off.

                This evening, I got out the Nook, turned it on, and it said the battery was too low to be used!! The device was OFF - how could the battery drained, esp. with wi-fi turned off? I am not using an SD card. There should be nothing keeping it awake. I don't know what version of the OS I have, nor do I know how to get updates to it yet.


                Is there a firmware bug that is causing my Nook battery to drain even when the Nook is turned completely off?


                The first post in this thread has a comment on it that says, "Solved!" (something like that), but I didn't see any solution there - just more discussion about the battery problems.


                If this was a common occurrence, I would think I would have read about it on the tech sites I follow on-line.


                Anyone find a solution to this problem? I also emailed B&N, but I have had very little luck with tech support from ANYONE. They usually reply with a "canned" message asking for information I already sent them, or not answering the question at all so I am not expecting too much from B&N tech support.


                Maybe it's like the iphone 4 reception problem? Job's answer: "there is no problem.You're holding the phone wrong".

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                  Have you noticed that the battery % is shown when you tap on the battery/time icons at the bottom right of the screen - along with the wifi on/off? I would charge it, check that the battery says 99% at least, turn it fully off (hold down the power button until it asks you whether you want to shut down). Wait a couple hours, turn it on and check the battery %. If it's down any, I'd say there's a short somewhwere. If not, note the % and just push the on/off button quickly to put it to sleep. Wait a couple more hours and check again. Even sleep shouldn't run it down that fast without the music player, wifi, or email being on.
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                    My NT keeps turning off without warning and then won't recharge correct. It stays off  for hours then starts up and recharges but takes hours to get to 100%.  Went to the store and got a new charger/then went back a couple of days later and they gave me a new NT. Shut down last night at 8pm and has been on the charger till now(130pm) Still not charged/on.  Taking it back again for the 4th time.