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    Browser crash

      Hi - first, I love my Nook tablet! great display, performance, overall feel.


      I have noticed, however, that the browser has issues with a number of websites, where it loads up to about 80% on the status bar, and then doesn't proceed. When you then hit the stop button, or try to go to the menu to either open another window or close the current one, none of those actions work, and the browser is hung. The only way to get anything working again is to reboot. This happens often enough that's it's becoming a pain.

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          This is very annoying issue. Hopefully they will be able to fix it somehow. In the meantime I found another way to restart the browser app that seems to be a little bit more efficient then reboot. Go to settings>Security>Restrictions>Enter passcode>Browser. Just uncheck Browser option and check it back. Go back from Settings to Browser. Now you can see the application restarted from home page. It is still very annoying but at least you don't need to reboot the thing.

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              Thanks - will try this next time. I did send a note to customer service, and the response was:


              "As per your email, we would like to inform you that you can only view the websites which are compatible with the device"


              I'm hoping that really isn't their response to this issue, and that's it's just a customer service person who doesn't really know how to handle something like this......


              Note that Amazon is releasing a sw update to the Fire just a few weeks after it's release to address issues - I do think the Tablet is a better device, and am hoping that the real B&N engineering/support people are following this thread and will insure that a fix is implemented sooner rather than later.

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              I have had this exact thing happen twice so far.  My browser actually locked up the second time while I was browsing the B&N website to find a hardcover book for my daughter.  It wouldn't finish loading the page and it wouldn't allow me to go back to the previous page.  I rebooted the tablet and it worked after that. I don't remember what I was browsing the first time it happened.  I've only had my tablet about two weeks and I don't browse very often. 


              I know my reply doesn't help solve your immediate problem, but the more we post about an issue the more likely it is to be fixed.


              I'm really loving my tablet by the way.  I'm becoming more and more convinced I made the right choice over the Fire.

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                Interesting.  Add another "me too" to the list.  I thought it might be me.  And it was the B&N website in addition to youtube.com and I believe 1 more that I can't remember. 


                The browser is a sore point for me.  I couldn't even hit reply to this message thread.  I had to use a desktop browser to post a reply to this thread.  What a shame.  


                The hardware is nice, the book reading is nice, but I am starting to have concerns about the rest.  I want more apps and a working internet experience.  I also expected better "integration" with all of the B&N websites, not just a nice ability to shop.

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                    Right after Christmas, when new users are registering and downloading books, B&N's website always gets overloaded, and you will see issues with the browser. This is not typical and will improve after the Christmas rush. You may also see a slowdown when they release a software update.

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                    I agree with what others have posted in this thread.  The browser issue improved slightly with the 1.4.1 update, but hasn't been completely resolved.  No device should require a reboot to end a single hung application or pcoess.  This goes doubly for an linux based operation system (Android is based on linux and java).

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                        Yeah.  This is going to be a common complaint even after the 1.4.1 update. It happens to me too on plenty of sites. Try disabling your javascript in Options OR switch to Tablet mode as it may be set to Desktop Mode.  This has helped on MSNBC's site.