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    "Too many windows" error

      I tried to open a browser Google news link and it generated the message. Couldn't get past that with any Google link.  I tried everything like deleting the cache, history, using the default settings all without success. I then used my laptop to hunt down the solution to this unknown message.  I found out I had to start closing the open windows from the Options-->Windows list. When I looked there were only three open windows!  Come on!  Three open windows and that caused the problem!!??  What gives?  Looks like an Android issue as the error goes back to Nook Color but there are not very many who posted the issue or even the solution (a few at best since March '11). 


      Anyone familiar with this issue and permanently handling this?  BTW:  The setting Open or Open in another window option doesn't do anything for me.  It ALWAYS opens in another window.


      Thanks for listening!  :smileysurprised:


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          It's somewhat wellknown that Android doesn't close things efficiently.  Consider that the Android OS up until recently was meant to work on phones.  And the NOOK native reader and software is layered kind of on top of it.


          I've had multiple windows open on mine and not gotten that message, but I think it can depend on what is open on each or it may be that it just limits the number you have open in order to not cause other problems.


          I don't remember the NC allowing you to have multiple browser windows open at the same time, but I could be wrong.  I know the NT does.


          You also do need to power off completely every so often and I think if using sideloaded apps at all, this is really important.


          Edit: well, on mine I was able to have at least 6 open windows.  I didn't try more.  I don't have any sideloaded apps or any such thing.