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    excuse me, Nook tablets not able to read textbooks?!?!

      So, after wasting $250 on a Nook Tablet that I only bought for text books, I now find out that there is currently no way to read text books on the Tablet or Color.


      Aside from asking WTF, I see on various blogs and here that they have been "working" on it for most of this year. ANY updates to this? As of now I only have time to read college text books so I have a paper weight.


      According to one of the FAQs that I found they claim it is because text books don't view well on the small screen, which is clearly a garbage excuse. I view a technical mathematics book that I have in PDF format on the Nook (about 15 minutes after I got it home) and everything looks great. I mean we can pan, zoom as needed or view the book in landscape mode. Additionally, if text books are hard to read on the small screen then why do they have magazine subscriptions? Magazines are the same paper size as text books and are a mix of graphics and text.


      Is this B&Ns way of pushing people to hack their DRM?


      I mean come one.


      FYI when I bought the thing tonight I even mentioned to the sales guy, who was apparently poorly trained, that I was excited about using the tablet for my textbooks. Not a peep out of him!

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          NO- NONE of the ereaders even say they read textbooks.  Did you do your research????  Do you realize the amount of space one of those huge textbooks takes up?  Let alone the images.


          There is a NOOK STUDY app for your laptop that does textbooks. 

          Don't complain because you made a poor decision.  Next time do more research.  You are in college you should be used to doing that.


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            Textbook access has been requested by many people.  If they implement it or not remains to be seen.

            Hopefully you are still within your return window and can get your money back.


            Out of curiosity did you buy at B&N and was it one of the Nook "specialists" that didn't say anything?  While I would hope all employees in the store would be familiar with the Nooks perhaps the 'other' employees may not be as trained as those that man the Nook section.