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    Any way to archive emails?

      I'd like to use my Nook Tablet as my portable email solution. The only thing is, it seems after so many hours pass by, the Email App clears out the inbox. Every so often, I get emails that I want to hang on to, such as ones with important reference information. However there doesn't seem to be any way to stop the email app from purging the inbox.


      Sometimes I email myself attachments like pictures that I found while browsing on my laptop. While I can view the attachment on my Nook Tablet, as well as save it to My Downloads in My Files, the file eventually goes away when its parent email is deleted from the Nook. I realize that I can sideload pics and things directly from my PC with the USB cable, but sometimes emailing myself attachments is more convenient depending on my situation.


      Is there any way to save specific messages that I want to keep on the email app forever? Can I stop the attachments from disappearing without going through my PC to copy the attachment file to another location? Thank you!

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          I am really sorry to say that the Nook Tablet email app is so bad that you could buy an old, non Smart Phone, and have a better mail client.


          As far as I understand the tablet retrieves the most recent 25 emails so older emails will still be there, if using Imap for sure, but you won't be able to see them with the Nook Tablet.


          Another issue with the Nook Tablet's email is that it does not sync offline actions so if you ever delete while offline, that won't sync.


          Overall I don't think the mail program could be used as a primary mail program. I find it so bad that I am not using it at all and using my Iphone's mail client... even with the smaller screen way more usable.

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              My primary email address is a POP server. I've tried a few different things, but it always gets rid of all my old emails to get new ones. It's too bad, because I would really like to keep some of those emails and attachments for later reference as I do on my PC. Perhaps they'll update it in the future or something.