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    Browser downloads

      Browser downloads don't seem to work. I'm trying to dl some images and I always get a download failed message. ANy ideas?

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          Alex Garcia

          Hi jkrzok,


          Thanks for posting!


          Are you still having this problem?


          - Alex

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            Same issue here. Can't download any type of file from any site I've tried. Message is "download unsuccessful" with no further explaination. I've tried clearing all caches, reseting the browser to original, turning unit off, ejecting sd card, and spinning the unit on 1 finger like a basketball star.Nothing.


            B & N phone support claimed "nobody" can download via the browser because of an issue with software version 1.4 that's on the tablet. They said developers are working on it and when version 1.5 comes out then "maybe" i'll be able to download then. I didn't really believe that but didn't want to argue with them. I see people all over the internet saying they can download.


            Any suggestions would really be appreciated!