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    ? about displaying photos on the Nook Tablet



      I am considering purchasing a Nook Tablet for my MIL who does not have a computer or digital photo frame.  In addition to using it as an eReader, I would like to have a way to show her short video clips, but most importantly photos.  In terns of photos I have two questions.


      1.)  Does the NT actually display photos?  When I went to a B&N store to check the tablet out, I didn't see a gallery option and when I asked the worker, he said that he wasn't sure that it actually displayed photos.


      2.)  One of the things I did not like about the Nook Color is that there was not a way to organize your photos into albums.  If the NT does indeed display photos, does it have album creation capabilities? 


      Actually, I just thought of one more question.  Does it have the ability to create music playlists?


      I thank you in advnce for any help!