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    new nook tablet hot and won't power up

      Charged it yesterday w/o any issues and went to recharge it today, and the power adapter & nook are very hot to the touch and it won't powr on.  Only 2nd time charging it, just received it yesterday.


      Anyone else have a similiar issue?

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          No probs here. I assume you ordered it on line, if so call CS and I am sure they will replace it with no questions asked.

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            This is a common problem on the Nook Color as well, and can happen if the USB connector is inserted at an angle or with force into the Nook Color or Tablet, which can create a short, causing the charger to overheat.

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              I brought a Nook Tablet from HSN, had it two days, loved it and it did exactly what you are describing.  Would not come on and was hot to the touch.  I sent it back and I'm waiting for a replacement. Since then I have been searching the web.  I have read that the  " not coming on" may be the battery discharging. This might be helped (not fixed) by holding down the  nook button and the on/off bottom at the same time for  about 20-30 seconds.  Other people have said that once the battery discharges you have to charge it (even if the cord has the green "full charge light" for about 2 - 3 hours to get it back on.

              One site showed a video about what to do if it just freezes, they said to remove the back cover, carefully remove the battery and  plug it into the electricity to start it ( but that was for when it freezes up while in use, not for not coming on).

              I haven't found much on the overheating but what little I could find was that the device probably had a defective battery and needed to be returned.  There were accounts of defective battery chargers causing  problems of this nature too.

              Apparently if the nook tablet is occasionally not coming on without help that's not good but not terrible.(Although for me it would be)  The overheating is terrible and the nook will probably need to be returned for a replacement.

              I do not know all that much about this technology, which I'm sure you can tell.  I am posting this for informational purposes. In case anyone else has these problems. Oh, and my nook was not rooted, I wouldn't know where to start to root a tablet.  Hope this helps someone. Hope I just got a lemon and the next one works well because it is a great little tablet.

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                This recently happened to my Nook as well.   I have had to have my Nook Tablet replace 4 times in the 6 months that I owned it because it wouldn't power up.  This last time is the only time that it felt hot to the touch.  B&N has been great about replacing it each time, but it never lasts more than a month or two.  In a year they will stop replacing it and then I'll be out of luck.  So sadly, I made the decision to return it.  I miss my Nook Color, but I can't afford a tablet that won't work and can't be replaced after a year. 

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                  I charged my nook last night and started using it for 5 minutes this morning & all of a sudden it turned off on me & got really hot. I can't turn it on now.

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                      A friend recently encountered this with her NT. She was concerned about the heat build up as the unit was warm to the touch and getting rapidly warmer, so she called me. I told her to do a forced reset by holding both the power on and N button simultaneously for 20 seconds. Then wait a half minute or so and try to power on normally. Following this the Nook powered up properly and soon cooled down.


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                        Bought mine at our local Walmart. Used it for 3 weeks-it felt warm, but thought this might be normal. Then listening to music one day and it just quit. Would turn on, charge or anything else. Green charge light on, but that's it.  Walmart only has a 15 day return policy so they said I had to take it to Barnes & Noble (an hour's drive for me).  B&N were ok. But still tried to get me to go back to Walmart (of course I said no).  They did replace the unit on the spot, but with a certified pre-owned - which makes me nervous. But assured that it could be just because someone had opened the box which classifies it as pre-owned I said ok.  However warranty is 1 year from the original purchase I made at Walmart, not a year from the date of the replacement. (Incidentally, when B&N looked up my purchase from Walmart it was listed as purchased online-not in the store???)  After reading other posts, I hope I don't have to keep returning this many times as others have.  Anyone know if you can get your money back if problems recurr so many times?  I don't have the patience for technology that does not work!!!!

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                        Me too! I got it not even a week ago for a birthday present, and Im so scared to tell the people who gave it to me- I think they'll think I did it on purpose. Anyways it just wont turn on I can semi see my lock screen but it is very hot and I'm freaking out! The same thing happened yesterday where it wouldnt turn on but I got it eventually..... but today it's taking forever.

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                          I had similar problems. mine heated up and was really hot, I contacted customer support and now I am on my 5th nook tablet and still have the same problem.. I bought a 2012 in december and they sent me a 2011 after 4 tablets.. it didn't want to update and I had to do it manually.. next one I buy will not be a nook.

                          They are really good about replacing them or I had no problem