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    Deleting Items off my Wishlist (NookColor)

      So a couple days (or so) ago, I bought a book on my computer that was on my nook's wishlist. As you guys know, you can't access the wishlist you have in the nook on the computer, so I guess the computer didn't communicate that "HEY! Book's been bought. It's on the Nook now. She's reading it, so you can delete it off the wishlist now."


      Point is... I am reading the book on my nook, and yet its still on my wishlist there.


      I checked here, and saw an old thread with a different device. Attempted to follow those same steps to no avail, simply because the option to clear my wishlist wasn't in the same spot.


      I have reset my nook about three different times since I noticed this.

      I have archived the book and redownloaded it.

      I cannot deselect the checkmark because it no longer exists (the checkmark, I mean... since I bought it, there's not need for me to 'add to my wishlist' so it's gone).


      So... how do I get it off of my wishlist?