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    cannot get sequel apps for nook color

       I have had my nook color for a few years now and have never had a problem. My version is 1.4.3. Normally i play games that i already have installed-however last night I decided that i wanted to get the sequel to 2 games-1)Snark Busters-High Society-which i could buy and download  (after about 15 minutes) and (2) Twisted Lands: Origin.( I have the first 2 Twisted Lands but apparently the 3rd one is for Nook Tablet and the Nook HD's). My question is why? I also have Lost Souls:Enchanted Paintings which since i bought it has been giving me the message that "your external memory is full" What is exteernal memory?


        1) My device info says I have 49% left in BN, 10% in Other Storage Available and "even after inserting and formating a new 8gb micro sd card--it STILL shows only 10% storage available". The sd card only has solitaire, stray souls and alabama smith - i have no pics, music, mags, etc on the card.. Is there a fix?? (already tried a different card-same result

        2) I broke down and not only bought a Nook HD but seeing as nothing was really different on it -I returned it the next morning, deciding that I LOVE MY NOOK COLOR so much that I am a fan for life. Like the iphone is now up to #5- BN wants us to upgrade--apparently that is the only way I can get sequel apps and new ones. QUES-if they ar available for tablet and HD WHY oh WHY has BN just skipped over the Color.

      NOOK COLOR has a ton of fans which I Idiscovered from browsing the BN site, before I wrote this.

      DEAR BN~~why have you allowed  Alawar and G5 and others to skip us????  You are not even making Color anymore ! Again iIask WHY??

        3) Forgive me for such a long  Q&A , but I guess I finially needed to air my new frustrations. and seek answers. OH one more thing-when i went to see the Screen Shots" of the games all that shows for 3-4 panels is the LOGO for the game, even tried it with games I was not going to buy. ALL the developers games shoed thte same thing so P.S

        4) WHY??

      I wrote this out of support for the Nook Color and  if "the customer is always right",, and "customer satisfaction" is a mantra of BN then WHY HAVE YOU ABANDONED US???

      ~~~zasperilla (the all capitals was not meant to be yelling-only to make a pleading statement)  :smileyhappy: 

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          1: B&N doesn't decide which devices an application will be available for. The writer of the  application controls that.


          2: It is possible that these sequels require higher performance hardware -- the Nook Color is what, 700MHz Single Core, while the Nook Tablet was a Dual Core (and the HD is over 1GHz dual).


          3: Applications only install to the internal memory, the SD card essentially is only used for "side-loaded" music and image files. It does not show in the memory usage report.



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            Dear Mr. Wulfraed,

            Thank You for your reply and i understand what you are saying.

            Under Settings/Device info/Other storage available it shows that I have 95.78MB free of 1.00GB = 10%.

            Can you suggest a way to increase this?

            When I have tried to download some games a Pop Up occurs telling me that the Internal Storage is Full.

            Is this the same thing as Other Available Storage?

            I await your reply based on the satisfactory answer I recieved to my initial inquiry (rant??) Anyway, since I see that some things are for the Nook HD and + or for the Tablet, would athe tablet meet my needs better ?( I am limited in my income and truly love my Color)