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    Angry Birds Rio

      I tried updating Angry Bird Rio several times with no luck.  I archived it an unarchived it, nothing worked.   The last time I tried doing that  they put it in a file called "everything else" an it say "Content Not Supported on This Device"..Would you please resolve this issue an if not able to reimburse the purchase of this APP.  Thank you

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          You are shouting at a forum of users. The only official B&N presence here are the moderators. For your complaint you need to contact the official customer service channels (telephone or in-store).


          I vaguely recall that at least one AngryBirds installment came out that was not compatible with older devices. It is slightly possible that the authors of this update made some change that requires capabilities not in your device. If so, you may need to contact them (Rovio is it?).