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    Nook must be plugged in to work

      Been having major problem with Nook Color. I went from having 310 books to 48 and from version 1.4.3 back to 1.0.0..no one can explain why. The Nook turned off while I was reading...? Now, the Nook will only come on and remain on if it is plugged into a power source. It is charged 92%. When connected to the charger it works fine, once unplugged - black screen..smh....I just want to read. I have tried online support on phone support.  Soft reset, re-registered..hard reset.. no change.

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          Are you still having this problen? If not how did you fix it?

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              An old thread, but this sounds like the battery has given out. The NC will reset to the original firmware after 8 failed boots. I suspect the unit has enough charge to start booting, fails, thus incrementing the failed boot count, and eventually completes booting and doing a firmware reset when finally plugged back in. This would explain reverting to the older firmware, and probably the loss of books.


              If you've tried all of tech support's recommendations (resetting, reregistering, etc.), then getting a replacement battery may cost nearly as much as simply buying a new reader, especially with the holiday sales at hand.


              You could check over on the XDA forums for other alternatives. Be prepared to list out in detail what you've done already (exactly what sort of reset) so people can help.