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      i have e-mailed several times about not being able to buy apps for my NOOK.  i was given the nook from a course i took and we were told if we have any problems to deal with you directly.  i wish someone would help me with this.  otherwise,...it is basically useless because i can do more on my phone.  please help with this matter.  thank you

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          You should probably contact Customer Service, either via chat or phone.  Or, you could post in the Nook Issue Reporting thread.  Alternatively, you could try PMing BN_AlexG.  B&N personnel don't often come to these boards, it's mostly users helping each other out.

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            You can't buy apps in Canada unless you have a US address credit card. Nothing customer service can do.


            Apps are sold only in UK and US. I don't know of very many companies other than Apple and Microsoft and Google that sell apps in Canada.


            Most start with US and then gradually expand.