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    Nook Color will Not charge

      I have only had my Nook Color for two years and it is not charging.  I have brought it into the store twice and also tried a new cord and adapter, so far, nothing is working.  In the store they told me there was nothing they can do.  I called nook support and was also told there was nothing they can do.  The person I spoke with told me to buy a previously owned nook at a discounted price.  I am not happy with the device or the service I have received. 

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          You may want to replace the battery. There are suppliers online for them and installation videos too.


          I would suggest watching a couple of the installation videos first before ordering and attempting to replace the "unreplaceable" battery.


          B&N never designed the device to be a simple replacement. And since they do not support the NookColor anymore (unless it is under warranty), I would not expect them to be very helpful.