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    Best Apps for Nook Color?

      I've added app killer to my d/l list. Can anyone recommend any more? I'd like to be able to sort my apps. Is there anything that makes that possible? I have no use for 99% of the preinstalled apps that I guess are un-deletable. Is there anything that will hide them from view?

      Today for the first time since I bought my Nook a year ago I let it make a wireless connection. I wanted to d/l the aquarium wall papers I'd bought. B&N helpfully >sarcasm<  placed download links for all 60 books I've bought on the front page of my library. I could have done without that, I usually only have 2 or 3 books on my Nook at a time. I spent nearly an hour cleaning up that mess. Is there an app to prevent that?

      I archived all my books. I hope that fixes that issue.


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          Recommended apps:

          1) Install another browser that is quicker. Suggest Dolphin, but there are others you try.

          2) Overdrive for library books. Its not as nice as the stock reader, but definitely easier to download and use.

          3) Flipboard (to personalize your newspaper/mags). Change the update setting to manual or once a day ( to use less battery.)

          4) Open Explorer (to manage downloaded and sideloaded files)


          No, you cant hide apps. But you have 3 screens. Try using one of the side ones for the apps you want to access frequently.


          As far as not displaying newly available material, go to Settings, then Home (its at the bottom under App Settings), think the third one down (Clear Daily Shelf) will clear all your download links for new material. 


          FYI, "live" wallpapers that move use more battery.