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      My Nook and apps have been working fine until I went to check for updates in app center.  Now all of the apps that had updates arent working and there are new apps like amv and twitter that I did not want on my home screen.  I am thinking I just want to reset my nook and load my books and apps back on in hopes that the problem will be solved.  How do I reset nook color and reload books and apps already paid for?

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          You caa't get rid of AMV and Twitter.


          If apps that were supposed to update don't run. Is it that they show 'installing' and never install?


          That means there isn't enough free space for them. Free up some space on your Nook by archiving apps you don't use. Then restart Nook. Then your apps will update fine. In general, it's not a good idea to 'Update All'. Better to do it one by one.