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    charger / usb cord

      my Nook Color charger cord is not working, the part that goes into my nook is loose.

      I can't find a new cord for sale at Barnes & Noble online or in stores. Any suggestions?

       am really missing my NOOK!!

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          1) Search on this forum. Another user linked to a site that has B&N style chargers and cables. Just search for 'charger' and you'll find the thread. They were last updated last week. So will be among first few search results.


          2) You can use pretty much any phone charger that fits. It'll be slower but it'll charge.


          3) Calling up a store and asking them to keep one for you when they next get stock is a good idea.



          Here, try this from KellieKatLady -

          If you just need the cable, try this:  http://www.hedocell.com/Barnes-Noble-Nook-Color-Data-Cable.html 

          I ordered one of these and it did the trick for me.  It charges my NC from my computer or with the charging block that plugs into a wall outlet.  When using the wall outlet, it says the status indicates "not charging" but it is.  This company also carries car chargers for the NC.