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    Nook Color will not turn on while charging

      I have had my Nook for almost a year now and about 2 months ago it started not charging unless it was turned off. The status would say not charging whenever plugged into a power source. So I realized that I would have to turn it off in order to charge my Nook.  Now lately, it will not turn on when it is attached to any power source.  It'll charge but I cannot use it while its charging.  I have been okay with charging it whenever I am at work because it wouldn't be in use but now I realize that when I go to download books from the computer the Nook won't turn on to be recognized by the computer. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why it won't turn back on during charing and what I can do to fix it?

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          That's a very strange problem.


          Are you charging from PC or wall plug. Some PCs, and particularly low power USB ports don't supply enough power to both charge and run Nook.


          So you'll get Not Charging.


          However, you can turn on Nook, plug it in and use. IT'll show Not charging but it'll be better than using without being plugged in.


          Note: Plugged into PC and screen on. Won't charge. But battery will drain slower than if you were not plugged in.

          Plugged into PC and screen off. Will charge, but slower than will wall plug.


          Plugged into wall plug and screen off - fastest charging.

          Plugged into wall plug and screen on - should both charge and be usable.



          If you're already using a wall plug then don't know why you're getting this.