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    amv and woodwing???

      these two apps appeard on my nook. when i tryed to open them i get a white screen.  I also now have twitter on my nook as well but have no desire to open it.  but i have noticed that since these apps have been installed my nook is sluggish. my books are freeizng and  when i try to watch videos the feed is very choppy. i did not have the problems before the update to 1.42 and amv and woodwing installed themsevels.  is anyone else having these problems?  verry annoyed

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          AMV is a background app for reading magazines-Adobe Magazine Viewer.  Apperently it really should be hidden and has been on the Nook for awhile but for some reason the icon started showing up.  Don't know what woodwing is, it has not shown up on my device, a Nook Color, yet.  Twitter did show up,and like you, I'm annoyed.  I think all of us are having these apps show up unannounced.  I did not notice any slowing of my NC however. 


          I was able to kill and delete the Twitter app using "Your App Manager", found in the app store.  After you install this app, locate Twitter in the list and hold it>select delete.  On my device it killed and disabled the app but the icon is still present.  I was expecting it to reload when connected to wifi, but so far it has not.  That may speed things up for you.  Also, don't forget to do a restart anytime things are buggy.  Good luck and welcome to the forum.

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            I also had it show up on my nook tablet.. I don't use twitter.. I can't figure out what woodwing is. I would like to kow how to remove them both


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              You can't remove them, B&N put them there permanently.
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                My problem with Amv and Woodwing began after I subscribed to a digital magazine. Then Twitter showed up. As long as these apps are not "installing" my nook color works perfectly. But when installing, it affects everything. I cant open and reply to emails, videos are slow or wont load, I cant open saved documents....and now I cant delete the apps completely. B&N needs to fix this. If anyone has a solution, please reply.
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                  Bassmon, get App Killer and then kill Twitter. This will stop it from running in the background and you should be able to do other things.


                  You can also turn on WiFi and see if that helps.

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                    Of course I called India to speak to someone there about my American made device but he had no clues except de-register my device....Idiots! I loath B&N!!!!!

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                      I have the exact same problem.  When are they supposed to take care of this anyone?????

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                        I had this same problem with AMV, Twitter and Woodwing. Woodwing when you go to press it gives you an error message that basically says App not found. AMV just gives me a white screen and Twitter says it is installing yet it is already installed.


                        I also had the strangest problem happen at the same time. I had mutliple copies of all my books on my NC. I mean multiple copies...example Hunger Games was duplicated 12 times. I had to manually delete the extra ones because I didn't want to do the factory reset and have to reload all my books.