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      I had my Nook Color repartitioned today after it would not install new apps and wouldn't update existing apps.  Now I get the message "Unable to download.  This item is not currently available for download to the product you are using"


      I have achived and tried to install again,  same message.  purchased 2 more apps 1 installed fine got the same message as above.


      Any suggustions?


          Any chance repartitioning also reverted the OS to the original version?


            I archived some Apps from my Nook Color and when I attempted to activate again, it goes into a download and installing loop.  I cannot access these Apps at all.  I got a message that the App Installer has stopped working.  What can I do?


              In my opinion - based on the number of posts I'm seeing - THIS IS NOT SOLVED.


              Last night I updated several of my apps - seemed like the right thing to do - but since then, the 2 apps that I use - including the one I use as my alarm clock - will not run - they both show the green 'download' bar and will not download or install.  I managed to get past the AMV and Windwing installation a few times, I've done a complete shut down and restart several times.  I moved everything I could to archive and/or deleted things.  I have 90% of my storage space for both B&N Content and Other Storage.  I am on the most recent version 


              I know that B&N would like us all to dump our Nook Color and buy a new tablet, but this is really pissing me off.  I don't have time to go to the store - and frankly, don't have confidence in the B&N staff to know what they are doing when I get there.  


              It would be really nice if someone from B&N gave a damn and fixed this issue - or at the very least, acknowledged that there IS  a problem.


                  I am experiencing the same issues, but attempts to correct the situation--based on the "advice" I've read in this forum--have made everything far far worse. I am giving up on the darned thing.


                  To use the standard cliche, I now own a $200 paperweight. When I first purchased it in November of 2012, it was replaced twice under the warranty because the first two were lemons that refused to connect to wifi unless placed within 12 inches of a router. That should have raised a red flag but I stubbornly persisted.


                  Since then, I've had continuous issues with the NC randomly shutting down, sometimes automatically restarting, sometimes not. I have performed factory resets more times than I can count, requiring total redownloads of all my books and apps and e-mail set-ups every time. 


                  Now, the NC won't ugrade to 1.4.3 (did the manual drag and drop) and not a single app or book can be downloaded from my archive. They all engage in an endless loop of unsuccessful attempts to install. (I should point out that since, on the advice I've read here,  I archived everything, I have 95% and 100% of "content" and "other" storage available.) My Nook Color is now, for all intents and purposes, useless.


                  I am done. I bought this thing for reading and playing, not fiddling for countless hours trying to access my games and reading material.

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                    When I bring up my apps list, several items say installing and I never wanted or purchased them.  How can I get rid of them?  I tried power down but they still say, "installing" and cannot be deleted. Thank you.

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                    I have the downloading/installing loop issue with two Apps I purchased yesterday. Pinterest and Pepperplate.B&N content space is at 57% so I don't think that is the issue.  Any help would be appreciated.

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                      I recently did a reset on my NC and now it won't reinstall my OverDrive Media app!  I'm seriously near tears because I do most of the reading on my NC with that app for my library's books!  It said that the app wasn't compatible with the current software installed.  I'm running 1.4.3 and previously to resetting my device, it worked JUST fine.  I figured I'd try resetting to see if it fixed the battery issue. 


                      Also, what is up with the AMV, Woodwing, and Twitter install circles?  Why can't I delete the crap I don't want/won't use?