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    My book shows up in ADE, but I can't see it in my Nook Color

      I bought an eBook in the Netherlands and activated it. It easily showed up in ADE, but I had problems in getting it into the ADE Library. I consulted the B&N chat, and after deleting some files on the NOOK, I went back to ADE, now it was visible in the Nook files in 'my Nook' in ADE. After dragging from there into the ADE Library, it's permanently visible herein. So, I suppose I can read it on my computer, but that is NOT what I want. When I opened my Nook again, this book is not visible in the Nook Library. I did transfer it manually as per the chat-tech's instructions into the Nook, so I know it is there. I can't find it though. The chat-tech told me to call the 2nd level tech support, 2nd tier, which I did. This guy was hard to understand, between my & his accents, and he told me the problem was possibly that this particular ePub file was not suitable for the Nook Color. The issuer of the eBook, QinQo, did specify that it supports the Nook, though Nook Color wasn't mentioned specifically. I have bought a number of Dutch eBooks earlier and put them on my Nook without these problems. Quite often its nice front is not visible, but the book is readable and that is what counts. So, I don't know what to do. QinQo also supports the iPad, but then I'd have to  download (which I did already) the Bluefire app, which has the same ID & password as the ADE. Since I already put the book in ADE, I am afraid it will refuse me in the Bluefire, saying the book was activated on another computer, after which I can't read the book at all anymore. I had that problem before, and have two books that are rendered unusable because of this (I unwittingly used another ID & PW in my laptop, not knowing about this all yet). The QinQo tech said that the ePub files they use are the same as the ones other sellers there (e.g.: bol.com) use, and they went OK (aside from my hiccup with the ID). So, I am at my wit's end (that's not very far anyway). Is there anyone out there that can help me? Thanks a lot!