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    Have you noticed ......

      ..... typically in reducing ebook pricing, that Amazon is usually first and everyone else tends to match that price except for B&N if they drop their prices at all. Apple tends to be next to last with B&N bringing up the rear.
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          Yes, very consistently.  Especially if a publisher reduces a price late in the week, B&N may well not reflect it until Monday or Tuesday.  Never on the weekend.

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              So are you suggesting?

               1. Intentional action to nab transitional sales.

               2. Competence issue.

               3. Staffing, scheduling issue etc.

               4. Evidence of priority BN places on price competition.

               5. BN still doesn't get how online retail works, as in still acting like a bricks and mortar store, even though online.

               6' Just noticed and wondered?