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    Nook not charging/not staying charged long/ not downloading apps.

      I am getting very frustrated. It takes forever for my nook color to charge and then it doesn't stay charged for long. Also I have not been able to download apps for quite some time. Should I go back to paper books or the kindle fire?

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          You should provide information that would help diagnosis.


          Are you using the factory cable? How old is that cable (and the Nook)? 


          As I understand it, the NC/NT models use a non-standard USB connection with a pair of extra power pins. A standard cable only provides about 0.5 Amp current, the special cable supplies 1.0+ Amp. A damaged factory cable, or standard one, barely passes enough power to run the device -- make sure it is in sleep mode after connecting the charger and let it sit for 24-36 hours.


          As for apps…


          Are you having WiFi problems, lack of B&N content memory in which to download, or?


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            I'm having the same issue.  And, after many attempts to get support, I am going to now spend the rest of the day posting to as many places as I can to warn potential buyers of the issues with a NOOK and techncial support.  First, I purchased a NOOK Tablet the most current available at the time with the warranty (THANK GOD).  I travel quite a bit so would be thinking while away an in airport, on the road, I would have access to catch up on reading--to my disappointment many times, the NOOK has failed me.  It will frequently wipe out my book selections so that I have re-download them, twice I have had to get extra cords because as has been posted by others the cord was defective and appears B&N knew about it.   And, the last staw is that I was already in the market to consider getting a competitors device because the NOOK table doesn't allow you to listen to music/audio at the same time, doesn't have bluetooth capbility and no the device is not charging. I used it Thursday evening just fine. Charged it for several hours on Friday before heading to the airport. Much to my dismay we I started to star the device it say it was still quite low on battery. Thinking I must not had the charge fully connected, I tried Saturday as well to charge. Then again this Sunday AM with a travel charge (not generic version) the NOOK version and the device will not come on--gives the message "battery too low to charge".  So here is the issue, despite me purchasing a NOOK with extra accessories to go along with it liek the protective film, the silcion cover, etc. my request was that they either allow me to get a credit for the current device or just let me get an upgrade to the HD+ and I pay the difference.  The Support has told me they don't have any such program in place--really not to give a customer credit for a defective device that is under warranty?  Really, I would not recommend NOOK for a multiidue of reason, mainly poor customer service.  I have told the customer service that since my warranty doesn't expire until later this year, I am wiling to wait it out to see if they get a better policy in place to support users that went with them instead of one of their competitors.  Just disappointment after doing my reserach and detemriing that NOOK Tablet was the better device--yet customer support brings down customer satisfaction ratings; currently I cannot recommend NOOK or B&N at this time-particularly because their Apps are more expensive or cost when those with compeitors or free or at a lower cost. Then you can't download books from Amazon like you can with thier competitor's device. Highly disappointed!