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    Problem with Purchase

      I had the older nook a long time ago, and bought a book -- These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauf -- and finished it and all that. I got a Nook Color this Spring Break and moved all my books to the new one. I didn't have any problems with re-downloading my other books, but this one won't let me. It says there is a problem with the purchase and to go and check my Order Status for further details.


      Of course I did but it doesn't have this purchase on my history so I can't view it. When I go to mangae my Nook Library online, for the description of this book it says "You've placed an order with an invalid credit card, so you cannot download at this time." And there's no other option except to Recommend it.


      Is there anything I can do to get this book back on my nook? I'd like to read it again, it was a good one.