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    facebook issues

      I am unable to comment on friends' posts from my nook color, as of last night. I am able to do so on my laptop. Any thoughts?

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          Only two possibilities


          1) Some change on facebook's end. Or a glitch on their end. If it's the latter then it should be fixed in the future.


          2) Some update in Nook software that caused the issue.


          ARe you using the mobile version of Facebook or the full version?


          What happens if you go to m.facebook.com or facebook.com/mobile (whatever the mobile version is) and try there?

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            I am having the same problem. Can't post comments, and even more annoying, my friends' Likes and comments are not showing up on my posts. I get notifications that someone has commented, but when I go to the post, it's blank. But everything works fine from the PC. Also, my news feed stops, and when I click More stories, nothing happens.


            A similar problem has prohibited me from using Twitter from the Nook, too. When you're scrolling down the Twitter feed, it stops and then just churns and won't load older items. And other functions are non-responsive when you try to activate them.

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              Same issue here.


              Suggestion to use m.facebook.com solves the problem (that is, able to see comments,'like' and so forth... but of course the mobile interface is entirely different from the desktop interface that *was* working until a couple of days ago.


              FB on my Nook Color had been acting a bit funky for a period of time preceeding this change. It would seem to me that the issue has to do with FB code rather than the Nook. My 2 cents.

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                I've been having the same problems for over a week.  I've been using the nook in desktop mode for almost a year with no problems.  Now I'm barely able to do anything in facebook on the Nook.  It works better in mobile but I've never had these issues in the past.  It appears to be a facebook update that's causing the problem but there doesn't seem to be any movement towards fixing the problem or even communicating with users.  I had a reset done thinking it would help but all it did was lose notes and data. 

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                  As of this week I've had the same problem. I can't see comments or likes or anything other than the original post. It prohibits me from commenting as well and videos don't show although the audio can be heard.  This started this week.  I've rebooted and done everything I know to do.  It's not on my end.

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                    Same here. Started this week. Cant comment. Will not show 'more stories'.
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                      Same issues on my Nook Tablet.  I've cleared the cache, cookies, history, rebooted numerous times. It does work in mobile but mobile is extremely limited on it's functionality.  


                      I'm noticing similar type issues on other sites, such as not opening my home page even though it's set up correctly in the settings.  I've tried both Bing and Google and get automatic error that the page is not available.  Also some videos don't open.  


                      Is there any fix to this?  It's getting extremely frustrating!

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                        Michelle, it's a facebook website change created issue.


                        What Etherdude wrote. Use http://m.facebook.com


                        That's the only known solution.

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                          This mobile app isn't very good...the likes are still not showing, and some of my posts are not showing. I figured it out a week ago that it was Facebook's problem, not Nook's as a friend can't post using her iPad...has anyone heard from FB? I sent them a msg, but no answer...or should I say, Of course, no answer.

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                            touch.facebook.com works really well.  The only question...is there a way to share posts with a specific friend vs. on my wall?


                            Otherwise, works good!