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    Wi Fi at home suddenly stopped working a few days ago...

      A few days ago both Nook Colors in our house (that's 2 of them) stopped being able to connect to our WiFi network. They detect the network and attempt to connect but just cycle through connecting and disconnected.


      Here is what has been done so far:


      • Restarting the router and DSL box has been tried numerous times.


      • Deleted and re-added network numerous times.


      • Settings for the router/DSL have not been changed in months. WEP key is the same, has never changed. Other devices in the house have no problem connecting. Only the Nooks have become tempermental.


      • We've had these Nooks for well over a year each. Never had a problem until now.


      • Went to B&N, had no problem connecting to store Internet.


      • Did a hard reset to both devices. Did not change anything. And as a result we have lost access to our books since they have to be all re-downloaded.


      I don't understand what could be causing this problem and why it was BOTH Nooks in the house at about the same time. Nothing has changed regarding the WiFi network settings so I don't know what it could possibly be. Any thoughts or ideas?