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    My Nook Color won't download apps!

      Everytime I go to download an app I get stuck in this perpetual downloading/installing that just ends up with the app going back to having the green download bar on the app.  I have tried all the normal stuff- rebooting, turning off and leaving off for a few minutes then turning back on, archiving then unarchiving.... nothing seems to work! I have had my nook since May 2011 and have never had a problem at all, I am completely up to date on my updates but when I talk to B&N reps they want me to deregister and then reregister my device and I am afraid I may end up unable to download anything and lose the other apps I have and books too! 


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          You've probably already checked, but just in case...did you check your Device Info to see if you have run out of space for your B&N Content Storage? If you haven't had your NC repartitioned at a B&N store, you may need to.

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            I do have space but I've never heard of repartitioning- what is that? I did the deregister/reregister thing yesterday after I posted and am having the same problem. Should I go into B&N and see if they can fix it? I don't know what else to do.
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              I had the same problem, read the posts and went to a B&N store in search of a repartition.  But, it turns out that wasn't the problem.  Apparently something interupted the downloads of the apps I was having problems with.  The fix - archive the app, power off the Nook for at least 30 seconds, power up and reinstall.


              Although I don't sideload hardly anything, I'm not ready to repartition my drive when I still have a boat load of available memory.  I'll keep that for another day in the future.

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                I had the same problem (apps would appear to download but then get stalled in a download/install/download/install loop) and here are the steps they took in the store to solve the issue.  I could have done this at home if I'd known . . .

                1.  Archive all apps

                2.  Copy any sideloaded material to your computer

                3.  Deregister your nook

                4.  Log into your account on bn.com

                5.  Unarchive all apps

                6.  Re-register your nook

                7.  Wait for all apps to show up

                8.  Download each app


                This worked for me.  Before this I had tried the same thing except I unarchived the apps via the nook, rather than logging into my account on bn.com.  Not sure why that made a difference, but it did.