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    My NOOK Color won't stay on? It keeps turning off automatically?

      So, I've had my NOOK Color for about 2 years and for about the first year or so, it worked totally fine. Up and till probably a few months ago, it was starting to give me problems. It won't stay on and when I try to restart my NOOK Color it'll get to the "Touch  the Future of Reading" page and then after that, it'll turn off again or sometimes, it'll continue to get to the unlock screen. When I get there, most of the time, it would work for maybe a few minutes and then I'll try and read a book and it'll shut down automatically. The other day, I was reading a book and then decided to put it to sleep for a second so I could go and do something and it asked me if I wanted to shut down my NOOK Color. I pressed 'cancel' and it still shut down and then I have to repeat the process again. 


      On occasion, it'll turn on by itself too and continue to go through the same process and shut down by itself.


      My NOOK color is fully charged and after I stopped using it for probably 3 months, I let my mom use it and she said she didn't have one single problem with it. Then, now, in the end of July, I'm trying to use it, it's giving me problems. 


      Does anybody else have this problem? Should I take it to a store? I don't have a waranty on it anymore because 2 years old, so I'm not sure what I should do. 


      I have restarted my NOOK color several times and I've 'deregistered the device' probably 3 times.


      I'm afraid to mess with anymore so maybe some of you can give me suggestions as to how to fix it? 

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          I feel your pain. Mine started doing the exact same thing during the first year. I called the phone support just a few days after my warranty expired - frustrating since my problem had been happening for a month, but I was travelling. Don't call the phone support. I've spoken to them many times and every time have been frustrated because they don't know what they are doing. They told me my plug socket was bad and I would have to buy a new device.


          If you haven't already, take your device into a store. Turns our my cable was bad, so I replaced that. Then, the rep noticed my updates hadn't been added, so they added the updates. Then they had to get a special SIM card (I think that's what it was) so they could repartition my drive because apparently the 1st version of these devices had some disc partitioning issues. After 3 hours in the store, I had a device that worked. Though they never said they knew what this exact problem you are having was. It worked when I left the store, so they called it good.


          That was a few days before I left the country to go to Africa for 7 weeks. This was to be my library on my journey as well as my photo album, music library, and document storage (passport and other important scans). 1 week into my trip, all of my data was wiped off my Nook. No trace of anything left. I have no idea what happened. I redownloaded my books and have successfully read them for the past 2 weeks.


          Now, today, that same on/off problem you talk about has returned. I noticed online there is another update, so maybe that would solve the problem. Too bad for me that I don't have a powerful enough signal here in Africa to download it.


          If you have learned anything since your original post that might assist me, please let me know.