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    New crime publisher?


      There appears to be a new crime/thriller publisher, Snubnose Press. If you are unfamiliar with this publisher, this is their statement:

      The snubnose revolver dominated visual crime stories in the 20th century. Every cop, every detective, every criminal in every TV show and movie seemed to carry a snubnose. The snubnose is a classic still used today.
      The snubnose is easy to conceal and carry.
      The snubnose is powerful.
      The snubnose is compact.
      That’s how we like our fiction. Welcome to Snubnose Press.
      Currently, ca 20 titles (nookbooks) are selling at $0.99 at B&N. Search for "Snubnose press" in nookbooks.
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          I noticed that you only mentioned one of the Snubnose Press titles, City of Heretics, in your post on the Best NOOKbook Bargains thread.  Have you read it, are you familiar with the author, or was there some other reason why you chose to highlight that one?