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    Problem with Yahoo e-mail

      I just spoke to Technical Support about my problem and they tried, but in the end said I should check with Yahoo.


      I checked with Yahoo, and their final solution was use a computer.


      My problem is, ever since I had to change my password on Yahoo, I think it was for the new version, I have been unable to access my email on the Nook Color.  It says the password doesn't match.  (I changed the password to the new one.)


      Do any of you folks have an idea of a way I can fix this?  Or, do I just not check email anymore on my Nook.  By the way, even the email via internet doesn't work.


      Thanks for any help.



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          What methods did customer service use to try and fix the problem?

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            snickersfl:  can you walk us through the steps you took to change the password on your NC to the new password for Yahoo?  I use Yahoo from a NC and have had no problems.  I am thinking that you may not have actually effected the password change for the POP account.  Another approach might be to use your computer to access Y-Mail and change your password back to the "old" one.  Keep us updated on this as it is solvable.

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                Have you tried deleting your account in the email app and then try setting it up again?  Tap on the accounts bar, choose your Yahoo account, select (add checkmark) and click the trashcan.  Maybe starting fresh will help?


                On the web browser, do you have it set to desktop mode?  Some email clients are picky about mobile mode.


                Also, there may be a security setting on your Yahoo account (when logged in on a computer) that can block mobile devices from connecting (allow POP/IMAP, etc).  Not sure where this would be on Yahoo, but something to check.


                That's all I got, hope it helps.

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                    Thanks for the help.  Lets see.  We deleted my old account (on Nook) and tried to set up a new account, but every time we got the message that either the password or account is not correct.  It just would not accept the info.


                    I will try to change the password back on Yahoo to the old password and see if that works.  The other problem might be the new version of Yahoo might not allow the POP & IMAP.  (I really don't know what this is, but I saw people mention it)


                    By the way, my HP Touchpad changed over without a problem and my Android also.


                    I just tried email on the internet on the Nook, and now that works.  I must have been doing something wrong, or maybe Yahoo had a temp. problem.


                    OK, now everything works!!!  What happened.  I did turn the Nook completely off, but I did that before.  So  Now I feel silly.


                    Thank you all for your help.

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                  I have been having all kinds of problems with my nook for a couple of weeks now. This morning I decided to deregister and register again--which is exactly what cs would tell me to do. I have had a nook since they first came out. At that time people were having problems setting up yahoo and att. Someone figured it out and posted on the forum. This would be almost two years ago. I have done the search, but cannot find it. What is really strange is that I've gone through this process before and have not had to reset my email. Sorry if I'm rambling, but right now I'm really angry that I'm having to search all over this forum to find the answer. If someone can find the forum instructions, please let me know.