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    New Yorker download problems

      I am back with the same problem I posted a couple weeks ago.  It took until late in the day before I could get it to download that time, and it took nearly an hour to load.  I had the same problem last week.  At that time I chatted with the help desk to no avail.  I ultimately had to wait until late that day or the next day to get it downloaded.  Again, it took nearly an hour to download.  Today I have not been able to get it to download.  Sometimes I get an error that says it was unable to download and to try again.


      Some things I have tried.


      • Rebooting my Nook.
      • Rebooting my modem & wireless router.
      • Turning the wireless off & back on on my Nook.
      • Archiving and un-archiving the New Yorker.
      • Canceling and re-subscribing to the New Yorker.
      • Resetting my Nook to the factory default and starting all over.
      • Removing my SD Card to see if it was somehow interfering.

      These are the things I can think of at the moment.  I may have tried one or two other things, but that covers the major things I have tried.  I have also verified that I have ample space left on both the Nook drive and the SD card.


      I don't know what else to do, other than cancel the subscription.  What do you suggest?