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    Can't get Android to boot to Nook Color 1.4.2

      Bought a triple boot 32GB mem card on ebay for my Nook color.  Put it in the SD slot and the thing won't boot to anything except Nook operating system.  Ebay vendor said I had a corrupted file, so they sent me another.  Same thing with this one.  I'm running 1.4.2 and I just bought the Nook a little over a month ago.  I see the files on the SD drive, and from what I read all the files need to be in the top-level directory?  Not sure what to do here, but any advice would be appreciated.  Thank you.

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          I'd ask the vendor to refund your purchase price--or go to eBay or PayPal if the vendor won't cooperate.


          Out of curiosity, what brand is the SD card? Here on the forums, the Class 4 Sandisk cards get the best reviews. Also, besides Gingerbread and B&N stock, what's the third OS offered by the card you have that doesn't work?


          I wonder if switching your choice to a 16GB card might be advisable.


          Although I've never bought from them (and have no connection to them), the n2a seller appears highly regarded and has great support to its users for CM7 Android.