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    Can't download or update

      Suddenly (as in I could Friday and I can't today) I can not download recent purchases (books or apps) nor can I check for updates (I'm assuming the two issues are related) on my non-rooted NC. When opening the apps (or library) and clicking the refresh button in the lower left, it spins about a half turn and stops with no downloads. Clicking on the 'check for updates' and the refresh circle just spins and spins. I can surf the web and do anything else, including Pandora and Netflix, so the web connection isn't the problem.


      Here's what I've done:


      1. Gone to the local B&N and tried on their network, no help.

      2. Completely shut down the NC and rebooted, no help.

      3. Completely shut down the NC, removed the SD, and rebooted, no help

      4. Cleared cache, cookies, history in the browser, no help.

      5. Tried on my home network, no help.

      6. Tried on the network at work, no help.


      Is anybody else seeing this? Is there a solution? I have not tried B&N helpdesk or instore help as yet.