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    Help Needed!!! Problem with The Onion missing pages

      My favorite thing to read on the Nook Color is The Onion.  For the last 3 weeks The Onion has had significantly less pages, and I have noticed the AV Club TV section has only 3 articles as opposed to about 20.  The March 1st issue had 2696 pages, with the TV section being from pages 469- 1801.  The next week The Onion had 1071 pages, March 15th and 22nd had about 920 pages, and now March 29th has 851.


      At first I thought they had suspended their regular, quite extensive TV coverage.  Then I went online and saw all the TV things there.  I called The Onion on the off chance that the AV Club is no longer publishing the TV section in the paper.  No one even knew what the Nook Color was or seemed to understand my question. They took my number and never called back.  Then I talked to Barnes and Noble customer service, as I realized they had done an update around the time I started having the problem.  They directed me to do a soft reset and archive/unarchieve, but it didn't help.  Then I logged into my account from a friend's ipad to see if  The Onion was restored, but it was the same 851 pages.


      I am really disappointed and frustrated that no one seems to be able to explain what's wrong.  If anyone has any ideas of what's going on and what I can try I would appreciate hearing them.  Thanks in advance.