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    how to delete the history searches

      My NC is very slow, very very slow. I read somewhere that one should "clear the search history" . Sounds good but how does one find this? I cannot find anything in the manual/guide or anywhere else. I too am having a lot of trouble inserting the charge connector. Does not get better with a lot of use. I have to charge it daily and have had it since last Aug. Hope someone can tell me how to clear the search history. Thanks, Doris
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          When you have the web browser open there is an icon in the upper right corner that looks like several lines of small print, touch that icon and a drop down list will open.  Touch the more options part of the drop down list, then touch settings, when the settings menu comes up go to privacy settings and you will find the place to clear history, cookies, etc.  Clear the ones you want to clear and you should be good to go.  Most computers of any size need these types of files cleared every once in a  while to maintain their ability to surf the web.


          Good luck and have fun!