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    HELP! My NookColor got wet!

      I was in the bathroom and set my Nook on the counter, and then my elbow hit it and it went flying into the toilet! I'm freaking out! It flashed the screen you first see after you power on, and now it won't turn on. I'm afriad that I've just done more damage to it. I need help!

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          LEAVE IT ALONE! Do not turn it on anymore. Unfortunately, you can't remove the battery. Do you know if it was off or on when you bumped it?


          You can try something like a ThirstyBag to dry out electronics. I'm not sure if that one's large enough for a NC. If you don't want to wait or spend the cash, you can try some other home remedies such as putting it in bag with dry rice. The key is to LEAVE IT ALONE for long enough to dry out -- probably 72 hours or more.


          Then again, depending on when exactly it took its dunk, you might just want to get a replacement! :smileyhappy:

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              If it's like a cell phone, the battery might have a wetness indicator for warranty claims.  However, you would be surprised how often electronics work after getting wet.  If you can prop it to allow drainage while it's drying that might help.  Hold out hope!

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              If you bought the extended warranty, I believe it should be covered.  If the warranty doesn't apply, you might as well try the home remedies, as you have nothing to lose.