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    No internet out of the blue after months of use.

      I've had my Nook Color for months. I've had two routers both with different settings during that time and the nook NEVER had an issue with connecting. Now out of the blue it simply refuses to connect. It says "connected but no internet" no matter how many times I try. I can't change the IP address or any of the settings manually (smart move there...) so I can't ensure that it doesn't have the same IP as anything else without checking all the pcs in the house one by one. Thing is that right now at this moment there are only two pcs on and neither of them have the same IP address. My sister's original Nook can connect (although at one point it had an issue with my new router too) so I'm really not sure what the issue is. I really don't want to change my network settings since it should be fine but the Nook seems to not want to cooperate. Any ideas?