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    Manual update problems

      I have downloaded the zipfile to my desktop and followed the instructions on how to do the manual update. Without downloading the zipfile again to my desktop,but using the same download, I have tried to drag and drop the update to my Nook, eject and nothing happens.  I can see briefly a little zip file icon on the lower left corner of the NookColor and then the Nook goes to sleep but the update has not worked.  What can I do to make it happen? 

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          If you have successfully transfered the file from your computer to the Nook here is what to expect.  Turn the Nook off like you are finished reading (not a full shut down) leave it along for a while.  The Nook while in the "sleep" mode will detect the file and execute the update.  When you "wake" the Nook, in the notice bar at the bottom of the screen you will notice a small green "n"  open the notice.  It should announce the successful update.  Clear the notice and go back to your book.  If this does not happen I would suggest deleting the zip file from your computer and attempt the entire process again.  Let us know how it works out.