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    Books reading on everything EXCEPT Nook Color

      I've gone through the threads and I've attempted all suggestions, including using ADE to over-write the old file with the one from ADE, but nothing is working.


      My files will read perfectly fine in ADE as well as the web-reader I downloaded, but any time I try to open the file in my nook COLOR, I get an error message saying "Sorry, Cannot open this book". Once more, they read PERFECTLY fine in any other reader I use.


      Now, when I attempt to go through ADE, dragging and dropping the file from my ADE library to my nook color library, the file over-writes and I go on my way.


      I check my nook library through ADE, before disconnecting, and both books are there and readable.

      I disconnect, open my nook, and the file can't be found. I go through all of my file locations, and nothing.

      I reconnect and check my library again through ADE, and the file is there, and once more readable.

      I then go in through My Computer to the file location to search for the file there, and it's gone? But I can still see it on ADE.


      Baffled, but not yet defeated, I decide to test it out a bit. I drag and drop the file from my computer to the normal file location of my nook library, pop it in, and disconnect my nook. I look for the file, find it, but still I can't find the first different file I put in through ADE. I attempt to open the second file, and I get the same error message as before.


      So, long story short, while my books can be read in ADE or my web-reader, they either:

      1. Are unable to open if I have put the file in through normal drag and drop means, from window to window

      2. Are invisible unless they are open in ADE.


      They are ALL epub files, and they are coming straight from my computer, not through a library or vendor. They were given to me, and so far they are the only group of files that I am having this issue with, all coming from the same place.