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    Error dialog: user not activated

      I've been downloading ePub books into Adobe Digital Editions and transferring to my Nook Color with no problem. Today I followed the same procedure (downloaded into ADE, dragged title to Nook Color), but when I try to open the book on Nook, I get a message: Error dialog: User not activated. Help!



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          Replying to my own post, as I fixed the problem by shutting down the Nook entirely and rebooting.

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            No problem until this last update.  Then same as described in other posts.  I followed the exact directions as per the BN Chat post and it fixed my issue.  I had tried to deactivate the Nook and then reactivate using the ADE mehtod through the program and it didn't work.  Follow the BN Chat directions and it fixed the issue.  Thanks for posting, finding the solution and letting me in on it.  


            Nice to know that I am not crazy and that I can now read my library books.  THANKS!!!

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              Deleteing the two adobe folders on the nook and re-activating the device worked for me. Thank you for the help!

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                Deleting the two folders worked for me, but you would think after a year they would have built a fix into one of the softwares for this problem. *sigh* I'm not looking forward to doing this every time my nook updates.

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                  I tried everything listed here including reinstalling ADE.  I ultimately needed to erase & deregister my device and that worked.   To do that go to Nook Setting/Device Info/Erase & Deregister Device and follow prompts.  You will need your B&N login info and password and your Wifi password.   All my B&N books were still on the device, you may just need to re-download (although I didn't have to).   In any case, once I went back into ADE and copied the book I was able to read it.

                  Hope this helps those of you who are still having trouble (and save you wasted time on the phone).

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                    I just wanted to say thank you.  I encountered the same problem and thanks to you, I can read the new book I had just downloaded right before I received the error message.  I appreciate your post.

                    Happy Reading!!!

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                      Please could any one do this for me in a very simple form.

                      l am just not getting it to work and so so angry and frustrated,

                      l feel like chucking it in and going back to books. it has taken me over 5 hours to get a book on my nook from the library and the first time away from the house its says  error dialogue user not activated. Please can some one explain it really  really simply. l tried to drag to delete and it wouldn't let me thanks in hope

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                        There's not really any easy way.


                        Firstly, you need to let us know your EXACT problem.


                        Are you trying to read a library book on your Nook?


                        Just download the Overdrive App from the store and read through that.

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                          Had this same problem with my library ebooks, and I tried restarting my Nook, reloading the book, etc. before trying the solution posted by TazzerGB, which worked. Thanks!

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                            Hello all,


                            I just had to deal with this issue today.  It was a nightmare.  I have Mac, so maybe that makes it a bit different for me.  I tried all the steps that were written on here several times, but it didn't work. Also, on my Mac, it never prompted me to authorize my Nook.  I had to manually click on the Nook and click the button to authorize it. Anyway, I chatted with a BN representative and I had to unregister my Nook and then re-register it.  It worked after that. 


                            Hope that is helpful to someone who is struggling with the same problem I had!


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                              did it work because i am trying that today ps how long did you leave it off

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                                Worked perfectly! Thank you so much! Goodbye world, hello books!

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                                  Finally working.  This is rediculous.  A couple decades ago, plugging something new into your computer involved knowing which end to plug in first, how to carefully set up files just right, and whether things should be powered off or on.  Nearly everything else nowadays knows how to detact the stuff it needs and set itself up with a couple of "OK, boss?" buttons and not much else.  I can't figure out why the Nook isn't preinstalled with the software neccessary to download books directly.