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    Nook Color Battery Life



      I am an advid reader and I have noticed that especially since the upgrade my battery life dwindles real quick.


      I already keep WiFi shut off unless I need it.  I refuse to turn the brightness down past 40% as I can not read then.


      How do I get my battery life back?  I have had to charge my Nook once already today and need to again.


      Can we change the battery without having to send it in (I do not want to send my nook anywhere as I use it lot for reading).  Is there is defect with my unit?




      Can someone please help.



      Thank you

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           I lose about 10% per hour when actively using mine with screen brightness at about 25% (or less). How quickly is yours going? Nothing on the NC will consume as much power as the screen. If you're an active user, you should still get easily 8-10 hours out of a charge. It should only drop 1% or so per hour if the screen is off, if even that.

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              Yep minimizing brightness as much as possible. Having auto-brightness in settings unchecked. Airplane mode On Wifi Off standby sleep mode set for 2mins.


              Also reading in night mode white letters on black should help. And with all that should be getting in the 8-10 hrs range between charges.


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              Call nook customer support. They will walk u through some useless steps to reset the reader. All this is necessary in order to get a replacement. You may get a bit more battery life ehen it is reset but keep track. Call nook support again and get a replacement from your BN store. I purchased my first nook color jan 2012. It was replaced march 2012. Now am off to bn store for another replacement. Will try for full refund but am told that has to be done in 30 days from purchase.